In the News

The US Navy has tested a surface ship torpedo defence system (SSTD) aboard the carrier George H. W. Bush. Developed by the Pennsylvania State University Applied Research Laboratory, the system combines passive detection and classification with a Countermeasure Anti-Torpedo to achieve hard kills. This system addresses a key area of vulnerability for surface ships, given the speed and multiple guidance modes of modern torpedoes and the multiplication of modern conventional submarine forces. Russia has already fielded a rocket-based system called Udav-1, which combines anti-torpedo and ASW functions and encompasses a number of specialised rockets.

Russian Prime Minister Medvedyev warned against the prospect of either Sweden or Finland joining NATO- a prospect that has come up in public debate due to the weakening defence postures in both countries. Sweden was embarrassed in April by being unable to respond to Russian aircraft approaching its border. Once again, Russia’s insecurities combine with belligerence to push its neighbours into the arms of NATO, which starts the cycle over again.

The hotline between North and South Korea is apparently back up. So much for the boy who cried war.


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