Mark Collins – F-35 vs the Skunk Works

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Further to this post at The Aviationist blog,

Two former Skunk Works members seem to know why the F-35 program is a mess

It’s a shame that the experience made on some of the most advanced and adventuristic projects ever made in aviation history did not guide LM and the U.S. Air Force and Navy through the development of the Lightning II.

some observations from one with great interest in military (including naval) aviation:

Very insightful article and who could argue with the bottom line at the end of the piece? It is not as if the Lockheed Skunk Works was the only such beast, and the only successful one. Convair had one and it produced an aircraft so advanced it might have gone into the black world after losing out to the Lockheed A-12(later SR-71).  Bernard Schriever, USAF and father of the US ICBM program, forced…

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2 thoughts on “Mark Collins – F-35 vs the Skunk Works

  1. markottawa says:

    Link now for “BeyondDefence” here:


    • Much appreciated, Mark. The steady stream of quality information and commentary you provide is an invaluable resource for all Canadians. We live in a country that debates defence a great deal without necessarily being informed about it, and you and CDFAI do important work raising the level of information and debate. Thanks!

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