Design Contract for Canada’s Arctic Patrol Ship

March 7/13: AOPS. Irving Shipbuilding receives a C$ 288 million detail design contract for Canada’s Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships. It’s a task-based contract divided into 7 work packages, with C$ 135 tied up in the first 2 packages. A construction contract is expected to follow in 2015.

Irving refers to themselves as the Prime Contractor for the AOPS project, and officially announces their key sub-contractors. Lockheed Martin Canada is the Command and Surveillance Systems Integrator, GE Canada is the Integrated Propulsion System Integrator, Lloyd’s Register Group handles Classification, Odense Maritime Technology (OMT) is the Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture Provider, and Irving subsidiary Fleetway Inc. is the Integrated Logistics Support Provider.

Creating that production ready design involves choosing specialist subcontractors and material suppliers, as well as the 3D designs. Irving expects that its team will reach a peak of 90 professionals in the Spring of 2014. Completion of a test production module will employ another 110 workers, bringing the team to 200.

Source: Defense Industry Daily


One thought on “Design Contract for Canada’s Arctic Patrol Ship

  1. john a may says:

    scrap the whole idea and charter from the Russains or Finns
    who really know what they are doing and will save billions – yes billions

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